Active Waterfront


Tranquille on the Lake - Active Waterfront

Envision a pristine setting for water enthusiasts, Tranquille on the Lake will offer boating, fishing, and a family-friendly beachfront as well as a working waterfront that may include artisans such as canoe/kayak builders, a future marine ecology research centre, and beachfront cafes where you will be able to drink in the relaxing atmosphere.

Imagine … A short walk from your front door and you will be at the boat launch at Tranquille on the Lake. The beauty of this aquatic landscape will be truly breathtaking. Whether you’ll looking for an exhilarating afternoon sailing around the lake, an early morning quest for trout, or a leisurely canoe along the pristine shoreline, a day on the water will be right at your doorstep.

The laughter of children playing at the beach will blend with the busy sounds of birds nesting nearby and the waves gently lapping on the shore. Cooney Bay has been a favourite spot for local families for generations and now will be the perfect location for everyone to enjoy a variety of waterfront activities. Rowers, kayakers and other athletes will be drawn to the accessible shoreline for competitions while sailors, windsurfers, and fishing enthusiasts will enjoy plenty of space to roam on Kamloops Lake.

Clean and protected, the waterfront at Tranquille on the Lake will be carefully managed to ensure that all users, including people and an extensive collection of aquatic creatures, will enjoy the best of all conditions at this well-loved shoreline area. The activities in the entire area will be carefully managed in order to preserve this treasured environment for all local and future residents regardless of their species..