Urban Farming


Tranquille on the Lake - Urban Farming

Farm to table living and a connection to urban agriculture will be on the menu for residents at Tranquille at the Lake.

Imagine… Nothing will taste better than fresh food grown in your own back yard. Picked in the morning and prepared the same day, food grown at the farm at Tranquille on the Lake will be amongst the freshest and tastiest produce available. The farm operation will seek to provide teaching and leadership for a new generation of students and residents who will understand and value the need to grow a diverse selection of healthy food close to home.

Farm to table living will be the norm at Tranquille on the Lake. The fully operational urban farm adjacent to the residential area will be a model for the latest in sustainable, green farming practices, setting a new standard in environmentally responsible agricultural stewardship. Residents will also enjoy access to community gardens where they will be able to experience the joy and satisfaction of growing their own produce.

Producing local food, creating sustainable energy, and offering a setting that will be both stylish and earth-friendly will offer residents a sense of pride and confidence in their choice of lifestyle. Healthy living will start at Tranquille on the Lake..