Village Community


Tranquille on the Lake - Village Community

An early stroll or bike ride around Tranquille on the Lake will offer views of the pristine waterfront, historic landmarks, and perhaps a stop at the local market.

Imagine … You will wake up and the day will be yours. What will it bring? A morning walk through the village for coffee and fresh baked muffins? A massage? A bike ride along the trails that will weave in and out of the gardens, past the historic buildings, and toward the working farm? Maybe you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing stroll along the waterfront while you take in the sounds of shorebirds and the gentle splash of a kayak paddle dipping into the water.

The village at Tranquille on the Lake will be an urban paradise where the pace will be relaxed and the air will be clear. Each distinct neighbourhood will have a unique personality that will blossom in the fresh air and eco friendly attitude. Modern sensibilities and standards will be paired with a deep and respectful sense of history. The result will be a peaceful and inspiring approach to urban living.

Living at Tranquille on the Lake will offer that rare opportunity to have it all. It will lie within easy reach of the necessities of business and commercial life, but will be nestled in a pristine natural setting that will feel far removed from the bustle of the city. Sustainability will be the key priority – preserve the outer environment, and nurture the inner environment of the people who will live there..